Evi Tausen is a färoische country singer and excellent guitarist, the increasingly established itself in the German country scene - actually is not indispensable.

She grew up in the Faroe Islands (autnome Danish archipelago) and in Kastrup (Denmark). Today she lives with her ​​family in the Faroe Is­lands in Porkeri.



In 2010, she recorded her first demo CD with two cover songs. With "How's The World Treating You" by Alison Krauss and James Taylor Evi has the Country - scene literally stormed. A year later,  the second song, their version of the country

classic "Hell Have To Go" by Jim Reeves at No. 9 of the ECMA charts (European Country Music Association) was to be found. Your success album "Wishing Well" was produced in March 2011 in the Music Row Studios, by none other than Grammy winner Brent Mason, in the heart of Nashville. Where it was supported musically by the best A-string musicans of the scene.

An absolute highlight of the album is the title song "Wishing Well". One in the 1950s by Vivian Cash (his first wife) and Glenn Douglas Tubb written love story for Johnny Cash, which had never been published. When Glenn Douglas Tubb Evi experienced live on stage, he had found the interpreter for this, almost forgotten song and gave him free specially for them. Thus, Evi may even speak of their "Original Song"! More in the flyer… but one thing must be said:

Evi is a fan and sometimes a representative of traditional country music. Her voice is a mixture of Patsy Cline, Alison Krauss and Loretta Lynn, but with a completely unique style. Her husband Gudmundur himself says, if Evi itself sets a target, she is ready for it to go through thick and thin to achieve it!

Bear witness to their numerous awards - that's why heard in the German and international country music scene.

  Wishing Well
He´ll To Go
Blue Radio
You Win